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Author: Mike Mahanay

The Hidden Consequences of Negotiating with the Wrong Person

Excerpt: “Negotiation is about doing your homework, assessing your needs and wants, evaluating the needs and wants of the other party, and mapping the negotiation zone–that is, the area of possible agreement. However, you won’t get far if you’re not talking with the right person. In fact, you can damage your position.” VIA Inc. FULL...

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EducationDrive: Schools Awarded Grants in the Nevada Ready 21 Digital Learning Program

Excerpt: “CTL would like to congratulate the visionary school districts and middle schools who were awarded grants in the Nevada Ready 21 Digital Learning Program today. We look forward to working with each of these schools to implement our 1:1 solution in their classrooms,” said CTL Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Mike Mahanay. VIA EDUCATIONDRIVE FULL...

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Fit Small Business – 18 IT Marketing Ideas From the Pros: No 8. Build Trust With Your Customers – Mike Mahanay

18 IT Marketing Ideas From the Pros By Jaqueline Thomas on February 24, 2016 “We recently reached out to top professionals in the IT and marketing industries for their best IT marketing ideas. We’ll share their awesome insight below.” Fit Small Business helps over 300,000 small business owners find the products & services they need Every Month. FULL...

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Nevada Commission on Educational Technology Board Meeting

The 13-member Nevada Commission on Educational Technology includes 2 ex officio members, and 11 voting members who are appointed by the Legislature and the Governor. The commission oversees state educational technology grant funds that support the state technology plan, the Nevada Ready 21 Plan. The Nevada Commission on Educational Technology met on 2/29/2016 to receive “the selection committee’s recommendations for the first cohort of Nevada Ready 21 schools. These recommendations are the outcome of a 2/25/2016 committee meeting to review applications submitted by school districts and state-sponsored charter schools for the competitive grant.” I was happy to be able...

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How to Read a Book a Week

I’ve increased my reading this year and have been experimenting with a number of ways to try to fit more reading into my busy days. What’s really working well is listening to non-fiction audio books at 1.5x speed on my commutes…but this only works for me with a certain type of audio book. It has to have a story that’s really compelling in order to hold my attention. Case-in-point: I just finished listening to ‘Losing the Signal’ about the rise and fall of Blackberry. It was a great read and the story is so engrossing that I barely noticed the compressed...

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Mike Mahanay

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at CTL. Productivity obsessed business fanatic. Technology junkie. EdTech evangelist.

I'm also the Founder of Information Click LLC., a digital marketing consulting firm and Take Back Main Street, a non-profit advocate for small-local business across America.

I’m into business, marketing, technology, exploring the great outdoors, & spending time with my family.