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How to Read a Book a Week

I’ve increased my reading this year and have been experimenting with a number of ways to try to fit more reading into my busy days. What’s really working well is listening to non-fiction audio books at 1.5x speed on my commutes…but this only works... read more

9 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2016

Excerpt: “Four technology and innovation experts discuss the hottest trends in higher ed tech this year. What should be on your education technology radar? We asked four higher ed leaders to opine on everything from accessibility and competency-based education... read more

Can the Swiss Watchmaker Survive the Digital Age?

Excerpt: “Pim Koeslag designs and fabricates some of the world’s most complicated mechanical timepieces. Especially ambitious is his Grand Tourbillon Minute Repeater, created for Ateliers deMonaco, a watch company he helped start.” VIA New York Times FULL... read more

CTL Signs Agreement with Pearson to Provide K-12 Digital Learning Programs

“Our new relationship with Pearson will enable us to offer educators the complete package of an education-specific device with Pearson courseware that enhances the learning experience for students and teachers,” said Mike Mahanay, CMO at CTL. “Pearson’s personalized digital learning solutions are the perfect complement to our ruggedized student Chromebooks and 2go PC mobile devices.”

read more

The Birth of the Computer

Excerpt: “Historian George Dyson tells stories from the birth of the modern computer – from its 17th-century origins to the hilarious notebooks of some early computer engineers.” VIA TED... read more

Is Your City The Next Portlandia?

Excerpt: “Portland, Ore., has been spoofed as a hipster haven, but in fact, the city has long been ahead of the curve in terms of urban planning. And now the rest of the world wants a part of it.” VIA CNN Money FULL... read more

How to Spend the First 10 Minutes of Your Day

“If you’re working in the kitchen of Anthony Bourdain, legendary chef of Brasserie Les Halles, best-selling author, and famed television personality, you don’t dare so much as boil hot water without attending to a ritual that’s essential for any self-respecting chef:... read more