I’ve increased my reading this year and have been experimenting with a number of ways to try to fit more reading into my busy days. What’s really working well is listening to non-fiction audio books at 1.5x speed on my commutes…but this only works for me with a certain type of audio book. It has to have a story that’s really compelling in order to hold my attention. Case-in-point: I just finished listening to ‘Losing the Signal’ about the rise and fall of Blackberry. It was a great read and the story is so engrossing that I barely noticed the compressed narration.

In his Harvard Business Review Article ‘How to Read a Book a Week’, Peter Bregman gives some valuable advice about techniques to read a book a week.


Here’s the interesting thing about reading a book like this: while it’s much faster than a traditional reading (it takes me 1–2 hours to read a book, instead of the usual 6–8), you will retain far more.

That’s because you’re not simply reading the material; you’re actively engaging with it. Your mind is alert the whole time and you’re able to see the book more holistically. You’re not just taking it in; you’re figuring it out.