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How Neel Kashkari’s Blackberry Cost You Hundreds of Billions of Dollars And Possibly Helped To Save Main Street USA.

In 2006, Neel Kashkari was a 33-year-old tech banker at Goldman Sachs in San Francisco with no government experience. Only two years later, through bizarre circumstances and in the shadow of what looked like the cataclysmic economic meltdown of the financial system, he would find himself appointed by Hank Paulson as the federal bailout chief in charge of the US Government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and $700 billion dollars.

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Mike Mahanay

Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at CTL. Productivity obsessed business fanatic. Technology junkie. EdTech evangelist.

I'm also the Founder of Information Click LLC., a digital marketing consulting firm and Take Back Main Street, a non-profit advocate for small-local business across America.

I’m into business, marketing, technology, exploring the great outdoors, & spending time with my family.